1. Create unlimited Application forms
  2. Create specific forms, for regular Application, Open Application, Freelancers application, etc…
  3. Define which fields to show and which are required.
  4. You can create a new form and connect to a certain Job source feed. For each form you can define the fields. View all possible fields in the Application form

For each form the following features are available:

  • Validation birthday
  • terms and conditions (text or a link to a page)
  • Captcha (in Application form and the Job Alert)
  • Confirmation after applying: A custom confirmation text, a confirmation page or a custom url
    You can track each confirmation page in Google analytics for conversions.

You can use the following shortcode for the Open Application form (but without spaces):

[ cx_open_application openFormID="ID" ]

(ID is the ID number of the Application form. You can find this shortcode also on the top in red when an Apllication form is saved)

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