You can purchase the WordPress plugin from your account manager or send an email to [email protected]. When purchasing the WordPress plugin you will also receive the access codes for the Development Wiki.

After installation in the WordPress environment you need to authorize the Carerix plugin with an Application Token. This token must be generated in the Carerix Application (application

So either a Carerix administrator gives you access to the Carerix system, or he/she generates this Token himself and sends it to you.

With the plugin you can offer a vacancy subscription (Jobalert). You can purchase the vacancy subscription from your account manager or send an email to [email protected].

Technical specifications

  • Minimum:
    • Linux OS
    • Apache 2 (NGINX is not supported)
    • PHP 7.0 – PHP 8.0
      • cURL
      • OpenSSL
      • JSON
    • MySQL 5
  • Recommended PHP memory limit:
    • 128MB (for sites with lightweight themes / few plugins)
    • 256MB (for regular sites)
    • 512MB or higher (for sites with heavyweight themes/ many plugins)